Update and Next Steps

The Alberta Technical Program Committee (ATPC) met in Edmonton on Thursday March 15th, 2018 along with Swim Alberta staff and Dr. Stephen Norris (Consultant), who shared with the committee an interim report on the progress of the Long Term Performance Development and High Performance Strategy (long term performance strategy).

Dr. Norris shared key themes that came out of a consultation process with Alberta coaches as well as stakeholders, such as Swimming Canada. The themes that emerged from the initial consultation identified gaps as it relates to athlete performance and programming in Alberta.  The next step is for Dr. Norris to have a framework for the long term performance strategy by mid May.

At the meeting, the ATPC and Swim Alberta staff agreed upon an Alberta First focus for all decisions related to Swim Alberta’s technical programs.

Additionally, the committee reviewed the current provincial competition structure and proposed initial recommendations for future provincial competitions. With the support of Dr. Norris these recommendations will align with an Alberta First long-term performance strategy.  A working committee comprised of Brad Mori, Scott Wilson, Peter Schori, Kevin Dennis and Stephen Norris will convene to further develop the structure with some elements being implemented in the 2018-2019 season, including a return to a heats and finals format for Provincials. 

A second committee comprised of Chris Nelson, Dave Johnson, Nathan Kindrachuk, Jackie Cool and Steve Norris will review and make recommendations as it relates to Swim Alberta tour teams and camps. 

The set target of the review and recommendations for provincial competitions, tour teams and camps is the May meeting of the ATPC.  Through Dr. Norris’s guidance the work of committees will begin alignment of both these technical areas into the Alberta First long term performance strategy.  The ATPC will have an opportunity to review the strategy at the May meeting, with recommendations then going to the Board of Swim Alberta immediately thereafter.

Swim Alberta is committed to current funding levels for programming areas including the short term high performance strategy that will conclude at Olympic Trials in 2020.  Components of the long term performance strategy will begin to be added in 2018 and 2019 with a full launch in 2020.

Swim Alberta would like to thank and acknowledge the following coaches from Alberta that participated in the consultations with Dr. Norris:  Mike Blondal, Peter Schori, Nathan Kindrachuk, Chris Nelson, Scott Wilson, Brad Mori, Dave Johnson, Dave Macdonald, Marc Tremblay, Alex Dawson, Jennifer Mertz, Greg Kozell, Danielle Genung, Tom Shackel, Dave Loyola, Mike Meldrum, Todd Melton and Kevin Coulman.