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Day 11 Summary - Courtesy of Guy Napier, Team Alberta


It was the final day of competition for the swimmers at the 2017 Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg, and Alberta did not disappoint, winning nine medals throughout the evening finals.

The night kicked off with the endurance events with the 1500m and 800m freestyle. Drew Edwards of Edmonton won the bronze medal in the men’s 1500m freestyle with a time 16:21.45. Emma O’Croinin of Edmonton dominated the women’s 800m freestyle by posting a time of 8:58.54, earning her third Gold medal and her fifth medal of the Games (3-1-1).

Alexandra Butler of Irricana took the bronze medal in the women’s 50m backstroke. Butler won four medals throughout the week, one gold and one silver in the relay races and two individual bronze medals.

In the following race, Avery Wiseman of Drayton Valley took the bronze medal in the women’s 200m Medley, winning her fourth individual medal of these Games, including three gold medals. She added gold and silver in relay races, making her medal tally to seven.

Calgary’s Cole Pratt raced in the men’s 200m Medley, winning the gold after making a remarkable comeback in the last leg of the four-lap race. With the time 2:05.26, Pratt broke the Canada Games record. In the same race, Finlay Knox of Okotoks finished third to earn the bronze medal. Knox won seven medals at Games: one gold, three silver, and three bronze.

Wesley Wilks won the silver medal in the Men’s 50m Freestyle Special Olympics, his fourth medal of the swim meet. Wilks has three silver medals and one bronze medal around his neck.

In the women’s 4X100m Medley race, the Alberta team comprised of Alexandra Butler, Avery Wiseman, Kyle Nelson and Elizabeth Ling swam to a time of 4:18.38 for the silver medal.

Leading the charge in the men’s 4X100m Medley Relay race, Cole Pratt kicked off the first leg and posted the fastest time. Finlay Knox was second to go for Alberta. In second place halfway through the race, jumping in the water for the third leg was Sterlyng Blair. Still in second place entering the final stretch, it was Charles Wang who raced for Alberta, and he maintained the silver position. Alberta’s time of 3:53.74 was good for a silver medal.

Alberta earned a total of 37 medals in the pool.

GOLD: Cole Pratt, Men’s 200m Medley

GOLD: Emma O’Croinin, Women’s 800m Freestyle

SILVER: Wesley Wilks, Men’s 50m Freestyle Special Olympics

SILVER: Women’s 4x100m Medley

SILVER: Men’s 4X100m Medley

BRONZE: Drew Edwards, Men’s 1500m Freestyle

BRONZE: Alexandra Butler, Women’s 50m Backstroke

BRONZE: Avery Wiseman, Women’s Individual Medley

BRONZE: Finlay, Men’s 200m Medley