Swim Alberta - Seeking your input into our Strategic Plan

Dear Swim Alberta Member, Stakeholder and/or Partner, 

Swim Alberta is embarking on a strategic planning process over the next several months.  The final strategic plan will provide guidance and direction to ensure that Swim Alberta continues to fulfill our mandate with maximum efficiency and impact while creating a shared vision with our stakeholders and members.  In order to have a clearly defined plan it is important that we have utilized the greatest possible knowledge of our environment and context in which we deliver our programs and services.  As such, we are asking you to participate in a survey.

The purpose of this survey is to gather information on perceptions of Swim Alberta's current situation.  We are also asking you about future direction.  This is in preparation for upcoming focus groups with stakeholders, and for strategic planning meetings of the Board of Directors of Swim Alberta.  

This survey is being administered and compiled outside of Swim Alberta staff by a private consultant, Colleen Kelly, on behalf of Swim Alberta.  It is entirely confidential, and no attempt will be made to associate names/clubs with responses.   Unless otherwise indicated, only themes in the responses will be reported back to Swim Alberta.  

This survey will only take a few minutes to complete.  Thank you in advance for taking your valuable time to provide us with your insights and perceptions.  The survey will remain open until December 9th, 2016.  Your response by this time is greatly appreciated.  



Cheryl Humphrey | Executive Director | Swim Alberta
P 780-415-1782 | C 403-804-2708 | F 780-415-1788