Swim Alberta Strategic Plan Update May 3 2017

Dear Swim Alberta Members, Partners and Stakeholders,

Before the “word” hits the pool deck, we want you to be the first to know of our progress on the Swim Alberta Strategic Plan and implementation that is projected to 2024.

We have finalized Swim Alberta’s Vision, Mission and Strategic Directions. We are beginning to put strategies in place to ensure we can realize the vision and mission and achieve the Strategic Directions.

Vision: “Every swimmer has the opportunity to reach their full potential”

Mission: “Govern, lead and support competitive swimming”

During the time we spent with all of you through the survey, in community consultations, and in one-on-one interviews, we heard you say:

A defined athlete pathway that supports swimmers* from development levels through to High Performance** and into life-long fitness.  Increase in the number of Alberta swimmers on national teams and on the international podium – shifting how we work with high performance swimmers while ensuring the development needs and supports are in place for development, next gen and podium track athletes. 

 A strong and effective “club structure” where clubs have effective boards and there is an understanding of the role and relationship between the board and their coaches.

 A shift in “coaching culture” to embrace a new level of “professional” standard where coaches actively collaborate together and with other IST professionals to support the development of our athletes within a system that holds coaches capable and accountable.

 Swim Alberta is a leader in the field and is an effective and strong organization with sufficient resources – both financial and people – to deliver on both the business and technical program side. 

 What is important to you has informed and shaped the Strategic Directions that Swim Alberta will focus on over the next several years. 

Strategic Directions:

1. Provide programs, services and support to maximize all aspects of competitive swimming.

2. Lead and inspire a culture of professionalism.

3. Create growth and life-long opportunities through an inclusive membership.

We are developing and putting in place many goals and strategies to ensure we are successful in achieving our strategic directions, and ultimately our mission and vision.  We are committed to moving forward to explore a better model to deliver programs to our athletes and clubs at both the High Performance and Development levels.  This includes strategically expanding on our Performance Club program in phases.  We also will provide additional support and leadership to all clubs in order for them to achieve at all levels along the athlete pathway. 

We are committed to keeping you informed as we roll out the strategies over the next couple of months.  We are also committed to sharing the complete plan with the membership by June 30, 2017. In addition, we will provide a full presentation at the Swim Alberta Annual Meeting in September. 

We are very excited about the future of swimming in Alberta, and look forward to continuing to work with all of you to achieve our vision: “every swimmer has the opportunity to reach their full potential” through our mission: “governing, leading and supporting competitive swimming in Alberta.”


On behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff of Swim Alberta,
Dean Schultz, President and Cheryl Humphrey, Executive Director

*Swimmers denotes all athletes, including those from both the Olympic and Paralympic Pathway.
** High Performance is defined as top 8 in the world.

Swim Alberta Strategic Plan Update May 3 2017