Swim Alberta Technical Program Committee Announces Short Term High Performance Strategy

Swim Alberta Technical Program Committee Announces Short Term High Performance Strategy

December 5, 2017...EDMONTON- Since late October, the newly formed Alberta Technical Program Committee (“ATPC”) has been working to develop and establish a plan to support targeted athletes and their club programs towards the 2020 Olympic Trials.  Over a series of meetings and collaborations the ATPC has endorsed a short-term strategy.  Peter Schori served as the chair of the sub-committee of the ATPC that was established to work through this strategic short-term high performance initiative while we diligently work towards developing and implementing the long term high performance  programming.

“A threshold for eligible targeted athletes was established at a level of performance that tracks forward with the potential to reach the FINA A time or above at Olympic Trials in 2020.” States Schori.  “Depending on where an athlete’s performance falls on the performance continuum, once eligibility is established, dictates the level of performance funding that is allocated to eligible clubs.”  Schori also commented that, “It was also important that base funding was provided that allowed eligible clubs some level of continuity each year of the program on funding”.   

Presidents and Head Coaches that attended the Fireside Chat in Canmore in late September with Swim Alberta board and staff will recall a commitment to address High Performance Swimming in Alberta.  Coming out of the discussions was agreement to the following three areas:

  1. Implement a short-term strategy to support targeted athletes to Olympic Trials in 2020;
  2. Commitment to create and implement a long term High Performance and Performance Development Strategy to impact and support athletes through subsequent quadrennials (2024 and beyond); and,
  3. Agreement on the definition of High Performance Swimming in Alberta. 

In November, Swim Alberta announced that Dr. Stephen Norris will be working with Swim Alberta over the next year to develop a sustainable long term High Performance and Performance Development strategy that will support our athletes through to and beyond 2024.  Norris has agreed to support the immediate roll-out of the short-term High Performance Strategy and participated in the committee meetings with Swim Alberta staff.  

Over the next three years, Swim Alberta will invest $290,000 into the short-term strategy to support targeted athletes with the opportunity to reach their Olympic team potential.  Although all financial support goes to eligible club programs, funds received are to support targeted high performance athletes(s), as administered through the head coach of the club program.  All activities and or services funded through the strategy must be approved by Swim Alberta.  Athletes must be training full time in Alberta and be registered with a Swim Alberta year-round club program to be eligible.

Funds will be allocated to each eligible club program via a Club Base Funding Allocation and a Performance Funding Allocation, based on targeted athlete’s performances.  The Club Base Funding allows eligible clubs to have continuity with a minimum amount of funding for the three-year period.  To remain eligible for the Club Base portion, club programs must have a minimum of one (1) swimmer who meets the minimum performance criteria for the respective year of funding. 

In addition to the Club Base Fund allocation, a Performance Fund allocation will be distributed based on a point scale for performances achieved in Olympic eligible events.  Multiple eligible events by an individual swimmer will be recognized with reduced points.  Eligibility for performance allocation funding will move closer to the FINA ‘A’ time in each year of the three-year strategy. 

In each subsequent year of the short-term strategy, elements of the long-term strategy will begin to be rolled out, with a reduction in total funding to the short-term strategy in each of the subsequent years.

The ATPC unanimously supported the concept of the short-term strategy.  Members of the committee include:  Dave Macdonald (ATPC Chair and elected member), Peter Schori (sub-committee chair and appointed member), Mike Blondal (appointed member), Dave Johnson (appointed member), Chris Nelson (appointed member), Brad Mori (elected member), Scott Wilson (elected member) and Nathan Kindrachuk (elected member). 

To view the program strategy criteria, click on this link. 

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