Expanded Performance Partnerships Being Built

Swim Alberta is committed to developing a more effective model to deliver programs to our athletes and clubs. This is important at both the High Performance and Development levels, and will align with the Swim Alberta Strategic Plan.

We are currently examining the possibilities of partnerships, in both major cities, creating an athlete pathway that fully supports the development of our athletes, keeping our swimmers as the focus of these partnerships.  

Over the last number of weeks, Swim Alberta and EKSC have been working together, along with key stakeholders, exploring ways to build upon a defined athlete development pathway, effectively supporting high performance swimming in Alberta.  Together, we will be recruiting a High Performance Coach to focus on the development of High Performance Swimming, both within in the swim club and the northern part of the province. 

We have begun discussions in Calgary with key stakeholders to also ensure a similar defined athlete development pathway, supporting high performance swimming, and further expanding upon the Performance Club Funding Model we have in place.  

It is important to us, as we explore these partnerships, that the developmental needs of all swimmers at all levels are addressed.  We are also ensuring that we can develop a high-performance model aligned with our club programs, the programs of Swim Alberta, Swimming Canada and Varsity Swimming. 

We are confident that we will have this model in place for the start of the 2017-2018 competitive season.

We recognize that you may have many questions, and, as we explore options in this win/win/win partnership, we assure you we will seek your input, and keep you informed as we roll out this concept and strategy over the next couple of months.

We are very excited about the future of swimming in Alberta as we work to achieve Swim Alberta’s vision that “Every swimmer has the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

On behalf of Swim Alberta,
Dean Schultz, President and Cheryl Humphrey, Executive Director