High Performance Program Initiative- Update July 12

High Performance Program Initiative – Update


Swim Alberta is committed to developing a more effective model to deliver programs to our athletes and clubs. The importance is recognized at both the High Performance and Development levels - in alignment with the Swim Alberta Strategic Plan.

As shared over the last two months; in our strategic plan development consultation process you voiced:

A defined athlete pathway that supports swimmers from development levels through to High Performance was a priority. As a province, we wanted to increase the number of Alberta swimmers on national teams and on the international podium – shifting how we work with high performance swimmers while ensuring the development needs and supports are in place for age group athletes. 

With the addition of the Sport Development Director, Jackie Cool; and shifts in portfolios within the current Swim Alberta Staff - Kevin Dennis, Technical Coordinator; and Lindsay English Program Coordinator a structure is now in place ensuring:

  • there is a focus on the developmental needs of age group swimmers and their coaches
  • a strategy for the Paralympic athlete stream is created and implemented
  • the implementation of a competition structure supporting all the needs of our athletes in Alberta is reviewed and supported

The commitment to supporting High-Performance Swimming in Alberta remains strong. Having the opportunity to meet with potential partners as well as our many stakeholders (including club presidents and head coaches of clubs throughout Alberta) over the past several weeks has been incredibly helpful. Your input is highly valued and your insights and shared concerns for a new High Performance are greatly appreciated.

We are listening. To ensure we get the strategy fully developed and the right model in place, Swim Alberta is pausing and slowing down the implementation of the High-Performance Program Initiative (HPPI) in both the north and south. In the best interests of our athletes, it is important to get it right. Swim Alberta is committed to doing so. 

We remain excited about the future of swimming In Alberta as we work to achieve Swim Alberta’s vision that “every swimmer has the opportunity to reach their full potential”. The vision cannot be achieved in isolation and we will continue to work with; communicate with; and create opportunities for input and dialogue with our many partners and stakeholders to ensure our programs and services remain relevant, meet the needs of athletes and clubs in the province and align fully with the Swim Alberta strategic plan.

As always, if you have any questions, forward thinking ideas and solutions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to one of us. 

On behalf of Swim Alberta,

Dean Schultz, President and Cheryl Humphrey, Executive Director

July 12, 2017