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2022 ASSA Rankings

Provincial and Regional Rankings for the 2022 summer season will be published every week there is a regional competition.  Based on the current rankings report, exhibition swimmers may be included in the rankings.  An updated rankings system is in development however it will not be available for the 2022 swimming season.

ASSA Provincial Rankings* - June 23rd, 2022

ASSA Regional Rankings*

Region A - June 23, 2022

Region B - June 23, 2022

Region C - June 23, 2022

Region D - June 23, 2022

Region E - June 23, 2022

Region F - June 23, 2022

To find your swimmer easily in the rankings hit Ctrl F or Command F and type their name into the box.

* Exhibition swimmers are included in the rankings


Club, Provincial and National rankings are available for all events based on the swimmers age. Rankings are compiled using results from sanctioned competitions. Options for viewing rankings include Swimming Canada Rankings, Swimming Canada’s Power Rankings and the Swim Rankings website.

Swimming Canada Rankings - Find individual swimmer results for registered swimmers.  The Swimming Canada Rankings are generated from the Swimming Canada results database and include club, Provincial and National rankings.

How to use Swimming Canada Rankings Guide

Power Rankings - View the Top 50 Provincial or National rankings for any age range.  Rankings are generated using data from the Swimming Canada results database.

How to use Power Rankings Guide

Swim Rankings - Find world wide swimming results, rankings, records and athlete profiles with personal best times.

How to use Swim Rankings Guide

Swim Rankings - Find an athlete

ASSA Club Rankings - (Change the last letters to your club code and change the course to 25m)


Archived Results - swimmer results from 2019 and prior are available.

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