Swim Alberta provides general liability, accident and Directors/Officers liability coverage to all Swim Alberta Clubs, Alberta Summer Swimming Clubs and Affiliated Organizations.

Swim Alberta insurance covers only Swim Alberta sanctioned events as per the Swim Alberta Event Sanctioning Policy and Swim Alberta registered members.  If your club operates outside of these parameters, the Swim Alberta insurance may not apply and you may not be protected.

The Swim Alberta Event Sanctioning Policy outlines the insurance requirements that clubs and affiliates must adhere to.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions regarding insurance

Insurance Downloads

Certificate of Insurance General Certificate Valid 4 April 2022 to 4 April 2023

Swim Alberta Directors & Officers Insurance summary document

Swim Alberta Insurance summary document


Certificate of Insurance Request Form
This form is only used if a facility requests to be named on a Certificate of Insurance.  Must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the event.

Event Insurance Request Form
To be used for events outside the scope of the Swim Alberta Event Sanctioning Policy

International Travel Reporting Form
To be completed by clubs traveling outside Canada, for the purpose of training and/or competition.  Must be submitted at least three weeks prior to traveling.

Incident Reporting Form
Notice of any accidents or potential insurance claims must be reported to Swim Alberta immediately for coverage to apply.  This form is only used to report a potential claim to Swim Alberta, it is not in lieu of the submission of the Accident Claim form.

Accident Claim Form - Email
Swim Alberta Accident insurance takes affect after all other sources of insurance (such as provincial health and parents/guardians health insurance) are exhausted.

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