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January Book of the Month

If you are serious about fitness, health, and performance, then Heart Rate Training, Second Edition, is for you. With a myriad of affordable smartphone apps and wearable devices enabling you to track your body’s response to activity, it’s never been easier to use heart rate monitoring to customize your training—and this guide will show you how!

In Heart Rate Training, Second Edition, authors Roy Benson and Declan Connolly combine decades of coaching experience, scientific research, and practical knowledge to help you understand the best way to make your heart rate monitor work for you. They will show you how to get reliable data from your device, dispel myths surrounding heart rate monitors, and make it easy for you to calculate your ideal target heart rate. Then you’ll learn how to customize your training by varying the intensity, duration, frequency, and mode of your exercise sessions as you work toward improving endurance, stamina, economy, and speed.

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February Book of the Month

Prescriptive Stretching features full-color anatomical illustrations and step-by-step instructions for dozens of the most effective stretches to eliminate pain, alleviate muscle soreness, improve balance and flexibility, and prevent common injuries. You’ll find various types of stretches and techniques, including individual unassisted stretches, the use of a tennis ball to target troublesome areas like the shoulder and feet, and partner stretches to ease pain caused by poor posture or sitting for long periods of time.

Most importantly, Prescriptive Stretching offers ready-to-use stretching sequences to target specific problem areas. These pain release programs will help address many common ailments:

  • Back pain
  • Neck stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder soreness
  • Tennis or golfer’s elbow
  • Runner’s knee

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March Book of the Month

Be confident in the pool or open water with Swimming: Steps to Success. This proven program will help you master these techniques:

  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly
  • Starts and Turns
  • Open Water
  • Survival Swimming

Step-by-step instruction and color photos show basic arm and leg movements along with proper body position for each skill. Drills reinforce the instruction and help you practice each stroke. There’s even a scoring system for gauging success and determining readiness to advance to new skills.

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April Book of the Month

Get on the path to increased flexibility and improved muscular strength! With more than 300,000 copies sold worldwide, Stretching Anatomy, Third Edition, is your go-to guide for seeing inside the stretches that will help you increase range of motion, enhance recovery, and facilitate ease of movement during physical and everyday activities.

The visually stunning illustrations of 79 stretches cover all major joint areas of the body from the feet to the neck. Each stretch includes step-by-step instructions on how to perform the stretch, the names of the muscles stretched, and a Stretch Notes section detailing the procedures and benefits of every exercise as well as safety considerations and variations for increasing or decreasing difficulty. To see more click here  

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May Book of the Month

Try to recall the best coach you’ve ever had. Consider what differentiated them from other coaches; what made them so effective? Was it their knowledge and programming, or did it come down to the way they communicated with you and the way they made you feel? While the former are critical, it is the coach’s words—their language—that makes a stellar coach who stands out from the rest.

The Language of Coaching focuses on the impact that communication has on an individual’s ability to learn and  perform a movement. Written by performance coach Nick Winkelman, the book examines how instruction, feedback, and cueing can significantly affect training outcomes. Grounded in motor learning and the science of attentional focus, Winkelman seeks to provide practical coaching frameworks that are adaptable and evidence based.

Packed with stunning visuals, the book provides 30 movement.  To see more click here 

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June Book of the Month

See what it takes to maximize multisport strength, power, speed, and endurance.

Let Triathlon Anatomy, Second Edition, prepare you for the starting line and show you how to reach your personal best by increasing muscular strength and optimizing the efficiency of every movement.

Triathlon Anatomy features 78 of the most effective multisport exercises with step-by-step descriptions and full-color anatomical illustrations highlighting the muscles in action. But you’ll see much more than the exercises—you’ll also see the results.

For each exercise, a Triathlon Focus feature illustrates how the movement is fundamentally linked to performance in each sport. You’ll see how to strengthen muscles and increase stamina for cycling steep inclines, running across various terrains, and swimming in open water.

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July Book of the Month

Technique is critical in swimming performance. In the pool or open water, coaches and athletes alike know that efficiency in entering the water and in moving through it equates to milliseconds of improvement—milliseconds that make all the difference in a competition.

That’s where The Swimming Drill Book continues to deliver. The first edition quickly became the best-selling drill book in the sport. Now, this second edition ups the ante with more drills, new variations, and expanded coverage to help every swimmer.

Inside, you’ll find more than 175 drills for refining strokes, correcting faults, and improving your feel for the water. In addition to mastering all four competitive strokes—freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly—you’ll learn……. To see more click here

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August Book of the Month

From more powerful strokes to quicker turns, propel yourself to improved times with Complete Conditioning for Swimming.

This multidimensional training program uses fitness assessments to tailor strength, endurance, and flexibility exercises to each swimmer’s individual needs.

Dave Salo, coach of Olympic medalists Rebecca Soni, Lenny Krayzelburg, Aaron Peirsol, Amanda Beard, and Jason Lezak, and Scott A. Riewald, performance specialist for the U.S. Olympic Committee, have teamed up to create a comprehensive program that provides you with the following tools to improve your times:

  • Exercises and drills for each stroke
  • Event-based workouts and programs
  • Dryland training
  • Tapering for peak performance
  • Year-round conditioning plans
  • Nutrition before, during, and after swim meets

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September Book of the Month

Injuries happen, and when they do, athletes and coaches need to have access to quick support. With Sports Injuries Guidebook, Second Edition, you will be equipped with the information you need for sports injury identification and first response.

Dr. Robert Gotlin, a former medical consultant to the New York Knicks, the New York Liberty, the New York Yankees, and the New Jersey Nets, has assembled 27 top specialists in sports medicine to create an authoritative guide covering more than 130 common sports injuries, including the following:

  • Biomechanics of injury
  • The sideline examination
  • Concussions
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Knee injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Ligament sprains
  • Muscle strains and tears
  • IT band syndrome
  • Shin splits

Chapters cover injuries for most body regions and include anatomical drawings of the injured area, a description of common causes, identification clues, an explanation of symptoms, immediate treatment options, and guidelines for returning to action. To see more click here

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October Book of the Month

Springboard and Platform Diving is the authoritative guide to the sport. Thoroughly researched and painstaking compiled, it covers it all, including coaching, competition, and conditioning.

Internationally renowned coach Jeff Huber has worked with divers at all levels—from novice to Olympian—for more than four decades. Now that lifetime of knowledge, analysis, and expertise is distilled into Springboard and Platform Diving.

Inside you will find comprehensive coverage of every phase of the dive:

  • Forward approach
  • Backward press
  • Takeoff and connections
  • Positions, spotting, and come-out
  • Line-up and entry

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November Book of the Month

In a sport where victory is often determined by a fraction of a second, it’s obvious why one of the most sought-after secrets is how to swim faster. However, as the world’s most renowned coaches, athletes, trainers, and researchers know, there is no secret—just science.

Science of Swimming Faster is a remarkable achievement—one that embraces, explains, and applies the latest science and research that has and continues to set new performance benchmarks in the sport. It is a one-of-a-kind resource:

  • An easily understood repository of swimming research
  • Insights distilled from great sport and exercise scientists, coaches, and swimmers
  • A do-it-right reference for a host of techniques and tactics
  • The most credible and widely used training principles and programs
  • An analysis identifying key factors contributing to elite and world-record swimming performance
  • An insider’s access to the strategies for training, tapering, fueling, recovery, and mental preparation being used with some of the world’s most successful swimmers.

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