Resources for Coaches

The following links are ideas for coaches to implement into their program based on the age, stage, needs and experience level of the swimmer.  Careful consideration by coaches as what is appropriate for athletes is important. 

These resources are intended to be used by registered coaches working with athletes, and are not intended for parents or athletes to use without the guidance or supervision of a registered coach.  Any equipment that is used, must be used for its intended purpose.

30 November 2020 - Coach Message from Swim Alberta Technical Staff

26 March 2020 - Message from Swim Alberta's Performance Technical Director

3 April 2020 - Message from Allan Wrigley – Dryland Training Information 

Coach Compiled Resources

9 April 2020 Swimming Canada Coaching Resource Hub

General Topics

Out of water / Dryland Training


Mental / Mindset Training:

We will have more in this area of mental training/mental health shortly.

 Planning For Next Season … and Beyond:







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