Edmonton to Host Canadian Open: A Boost for Swimming in Alberta

Kevin DennisNews, Swim Alberta News

Swimming Canada has recently announced the host locations for its revamped event schedule through 2028. This exciting lineup includes 21 editions of six domestic events, including the Canadian Open, Masters championships, Trials, short-course national championships, Open Water Festival, and the Ken Demchuk International Invitational. The strategic planning behind these events is part of Swimming Canada’s “Canadian Way” event hosting strategy, aimed at supporting the athlete development pathway and preparing the nation’s swimmers for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Edmonton: A Key Performance Facility for Swimmers

Edmonton has been chosen as the host city for the Canadian Open for the next four years, each April from 2025 to 2028. This decision comes as no surprise, considering the City of Edmonton’s reputation as a valued partner and its key performance facility, the Kinsmen Sports Centre. Swimming Canada’s selection of Edmonton as the host city for this prestigious event is a testament to the city’s commitment to supporting and nurturing the sport of swimming in Canada.

“Swim Alberta would like to thank Swimming Canada and Edmonton Events for the opportunity and confidence to host these national events in Alberta. We have an experience local organizing committee coupled with a passionate swimming community that will ensure the success of these events.” – Shawn Holman Executive Director Swim Alberta

Benefits to Swim Alberta Members

The decision to host the Canadian Open in Edmonton brings a multitude of benefits to Swim Alberta members. Let’s explore some of the advantages this decision offers:

  1. Reduced Travel Time and Costs: By hosting the Canadian Open in Edmonton, swimmers from Alberta will experience reduced travel time and costs for this level of event. This allows them to consider other targeted events each season, ultimately enhancing their performance in the pool.
  2. Home Pool Advantage: Alberta-based swimmers will have the advantage of competing in a familiar pool. This familiarity can provide a confidence boost to inspire our swimming community to reach its potential.
  3. National Event Exposure for Developing Swimmers: Hosting the Canadian Open in Edmonton provides an excellent opportunity for Alberta’s up and coming swimmers to gain exposure to a national-level event. This exposure not only helps them gauge their performance against national-level athletes but also serves as a steppingstone for their future swimming careers.
  4. Opportunity for Officials to Gain National Experience: The hosting of national events in Edmonton creates opportunities for officials to gain valuable experience at the National level. This exposure helps in the development of more senior officials, building Alberta’s overall senior officiating capacity.
  5. Increased Opportunities for Para Swimmers: The decision to host the Canadian Open in Edmonton also brings increased opportunities for para swimmers. The event provides a platform for them to bring together the best in the country to compete, as well as providing access for those who require para swimming classification services.
  6. Stability of Calendar for Planning: With the announcement of the host city for the Canadian Open for the next four years, swimmers, coaches, and officials can apply this event to their yearly training and competition schedules with stability and certainty. This allows for better preparation and performance optimization.

Edmonton’s Role in Canadian Swimming

Edmonton’s role in Canadian swimming extends beyond being a host city for the Canadian Open. The city has a rich history of supporting the sport and nurturing swimmers throughout the athlete pathway. The Kinsmen Sports Centre, a key performance facility in Edmonton, has been a training ground for numerous national and international swimming stars. This facility, a legacy from the 1978 Commonwealth Games, includes Olympic-sized pools and specialized training areas, and has played a significant role in the success of Canadian swimmers.

“Edmonton Keyano is proud of its long history of hosting national and international swimming events, and we cannot wait to welcome the nation back to Edmonton for the next quadrennial of Canada Open events. Alberta swimmers will once again have a chance to compete on the highest national stage right here at home.” – Chris Nelson General Manager Edmonton Keyano Swim Club

Partnering for Success

The selection of Edmonton as the host city for the Canadian Open would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of various organizations and stakeholders. Swim Alberta extends its gratitude to Edmonton Events for their unwavering support in the hosting applications and for working as a valuable partner. The Edmonton Keyano Swim Club also deserves recognition for their commitment to the sport and their support to bring this opportunity to Alberta.

Additionally, Swimming Canada’s vision and strategic planning have paved the way for these exciting developments, ensuring that Canadian swimmers have the best possible preparation for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


The decision to host the Canadian Open in Edmonton from 2025 to 2028 is a significant milestone for swimming in Alberta. This strategic move not only benefits Swim Alberta members but also showcases Edmonton as a leading city in the Canadian swimming landscape. The city’s facilities, collaborative spirit, and commitment to the sport make it an ideal host for this prestigious event. As we look ahead to the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Canadian swimming community can rest assured that Edmonton will play a crucial role in Swimming Canada’s development pathway as we prepare our athletes for success on the international stage.

For more information and a list of National events and dates for the 2025-2028 seasons see: https://www.swimming.ca/en/news/2024/01/16/swimming-canada-announces-multiple-event-hosts-for-upcoming-quadrennial/