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Erin Brennan, M.A.

Owner of Mind Over Matter Performance, Mental Performance Consultant (MPC), Professional Member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association

     Erin's personal and professional philosophy is based upon creating diverse and exciting learning opportunities for athletes to engage in the mental training side of performance and sport. She is extremely passionate about working with youth athletes and fully commits to building unique relationship with her clients. She believes that every athlete should have access to a positive training environment that tailors and adapts to their specific style of learning and preparation. In order for athletes to grow, practice and compete/perform, it is essential that they in turn are taught basic mental skills. (including self-awareness, visualization, goal setting, emotional coping, communication, etc). Erin aims to both create and specially design programs that are not only meaningful to the sport/environment but reflect the particular needs of the athletes/performers, team members, and coaching staff dependent on the appropriate age group, gender and responsibilities of the individual.

     In order to create an engaging environment where mental skills can be implemented, Erin works closely with coaching staff and parents alike to include mental training as part of everyday sporting routines. Collaborating on topics, exchanging relevant information about individual athlete growth and development, team dynamics, cohesion, current practice habits and performance will be essential to the success and delivery of mental skills training. Over the course of her applied work, she has found it significant to have coach/leadership support in order for these skills to take hold and an ongoing open dialogue about expectations and the integration of mental training. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts (Hons, 2009) and a Master of Arts (2015) from the University of Alberta. She is a certified professional member with the Canadian Sport Psychology Association and works with a diverse group of athletes in an array of sports ranging from developmental, recreational youth to competitive elite-level athletes.

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