Previous Special Recognition Awards

Swim Alberta Hall of Fame Criteria

Hall of Fame

2021-2022 Jessica Sloan (Athlete), Cheryl Humphrey (Builder), Doug Bird (Builder)
2014-2015 Cheryl Gibson (Distinction)
2013-2014 Cam Henning (Athlete), Keltie Duggan (Athlete), James Hood (Builder)
2011-2012 Robert Kasting (Athlete), Erik Fish (Athlete), Don Buchignani (Builder)
2010-2011 Barb Clarke (Athlete), Susan Sloan (Athlete)
2009-2010 Deryk Snelling (Coach)

Life Time Members

2006-2007  Ted Thomas
2002-2003  Curtis Myden, Ben Meulenbeld
2001-2002  Joan and Larry Nielson
2000-2001  Keith Duggan
1997-1998  Don Wilson
1993-1994  Gwen L. Smith
1992-1993  Mark Tewksbury, Tom Ponting, Bob Jickling                      
1985-1987  Les Nelson
1985-1986  J. Sherrold Moore

President's Award

2021-2022 Val Carr
2014-2015 Jackie Cool
2011-2012 Annette Gillis
2004-2005 Bill Lomax, Lockie Lister

Special Recognition

2004-2005  Laurie Yuzwa

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