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Swim Alberta recognizes the importance of experienced officials and the costs associated with travel.  To ensure experienced officials are supported in Alberta, financial support for officials will be available through the following funding programs.

Officials Support Program for Provincial Competitions

This initiative aims to provide additional assistance to officials, recognizing the significant contributions they make to the success of swimming competitions in Alberta.  Officials Support will be limited to officials placed by Swim Alberta through the Swim Alberta Placement of Officials process at Swim Alberta Provincial Competitions, including the Advisory Referee, Referees, and Starters for each designated Swim Alberta Provincial Competition.

            Officials Support for Provincial Competitions Submission

Officials Travel Grant

Funding is available for Senior Officials who work a minimum of four sessions at a Swimming Canada Designated Competition more than 100 km from their residence.  The maximum grant amount is $500 per event with a maximum of $1,000 per official per Swim Alberta fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).  Additional requests beyond the $1,000 may be divided among all officials making application to a maximum of $500 per event in June of each year.  Swim Alberta will provide up to $6,000 annually supporting officials travel.

            Officials Travel Grant Application

Officials Development Grant

The development grant provides support to officials to pursue an educational and/or developmental opportunity.  Specifically, this is intended for an official that is in a unique situation (apprenticing, geographically isolated, or disadvantaged) and will provide support so that they may advance in the officiating ranks.

Funding is available for Senior Officials who have successfully completed four referee evaluations and who is attending a Swimming Canada Designated Competition and is apprenticing in a senior position.  This individual must work a minimum of 4 sessions at the competition.  Maximum grants available will be $1,500 per candidate and may be accessed only once. Swim Alberta will provide up to $3,000 annually supporting officials development.

               Officials Development Grant Application

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