Swim Alberta Officials Funding Program

Swim Alberta will budget $9000.00 per year that can be applied for by Senior Officials (level 4/5) who are trying to advance to a Level 5 or IPC/FINA level.  The program will have two components:

1. Travel Grant

$6000.00 that can be applied for by any Senior Officials who attends a SNC Designated Meet and work a minimum of 4 sessions where the competition is more than 100 km from your residence.  Maximum grant amount is $500.00 per event with a maximum of $1000 per official per Swim Alberta fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).  Additional requests beyond the $1000 will be divided equally amongst all officials making application to a maximum of $500 per event in June of each year.

2. Development Grant

The grant provides support to officials to pursue educational or developmental opportunities.  Specifically, this is intended for an official that is in a unique situation (apprenticing, geographically isolated, or disadvantaged) and will provide support so that they may advance in the officiating ranks.

$3000.00 will be made available by application for advancement grants that can be applied for by a Level 5 Official who is attending an SNC designated competition and is apprenticing in a senior position.  This individual must work a minimum of 4 sessions at the competition.  Maximum grants available will be $1500.00 per candidate and may be accessed only once.


To Be Eligible:

  • The official must indicate their willingness to progress beyond the provincial level competitions.
  • Be certified at the Level 4 or Level 5 and be working towards the national and international roster of officials with an affiliation status as an official for Canada.
  • Consistently work at Provincial Championships
  • Be an Alberta or North West Territories resident.
  • Travel subsidy may be applied for every year. (Priority will be given to developing officials now at the senior level).
  • Applicants who receive funding may not submit the same expenses from the same meet to the National Officials Travel Program.
  • Officials must minimally work 4 sessions at the competition.
  • Application forms NOT signed by the Meet Coordination will not be considered.


  • Applicants who are interested in officiating as a referee or starter must make application to the Meet Chair of Officials (for SNC Designated Meets as defined below) to notify them of sessions they are available to work.  Officials must meet the minimum session guidelines of the program they are receiving funding for.
  • Officials working IPC designated meets as IPC officials in training are eligible.
  • If there is no previous deck experience as a referee/starter – the officials must be willing to officiate in another position and be evaluated as necessary.
  • Post-meet the applicant must provide Swim Alberta with a copy of the meet attendance (National Travel Officials) form, signed by the Meet Coordinator.  It must include session worked and deck assignments.  All expenses must be outlined on the form, with a copy of all receipts provided.  In addition, the official must declare any other sources of funding that may have been secured.
  • The form and copy of receipts shall be submitted to the Executive Director (or their designate) of Swim Alberta within 30 days following the competition.


Eligibility and Process

Applications will be reviewed on their individual merit based on the objectives of Swim Alberta and the Alberta Officials Committee, the financial resources available, and the following parameters:

  • Priority will be given to projects that are innovative and creative, plus demonstrate initiative and self-help on the part of the applicant.
  • All projects must fit within the mandate of Swim Alberta.
  • Funding after the fact is discouraged.
  • Due to limited funds and the anticipated large volume of applications, not all requests meeting the established criteria will be approved for Development Grant.
  • Development Grants may be applied for once in an Officials career.
  • Applicants who receive funding may not submit expenses for the amount of the Development Grant awarded to the National Officials Travel Program.
  • Applicants must submit a plan for their development and plan for advancement in the Officials area to be a key senior official.
  • Officials receiving a Development Grant must minimally work 4 sessions at the competition.
  • Application forms NOT signed by the Meet Coordinator will not be considered.
  • Must be an Alberta or North West Territories Resident, with affiliation status as an official for Canada.
  • Application deadline for each season will be October 1.  Applications received after October 1 will only be considered if additional funding exists.


Swimming Canada designated meets include:

  • National Championships Selection (Trials)
  • Canadian Swimming Championships (Summer)
  • Canadian Junior Championships
  • Eastern and Western Swimming Championships
  • Can Ams
  • Canada Games

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