Swim Alberta Announces Appointments To Newly Established Technical Working Groups

Val CarrNews, Swim Alberta News

Swim Alberta and registered coaches in Alberta have had a long and strong history of working collaboratively on the technical swimming program for the province.  In September of 2017, along with the former Alberta Coaches Council, Swim Alberta put in place the Alberta Technical Program Committee (ATPC).  This committee has acted as an advisory committee to Swim Alberta on technical matters in swimming and has provided input, advice, and expertise on topics such as Athlete Technical Programs, Coach Development Programs, Funding Programs for Coaches and Athletes, and Provincial Competitions. 

In ensuring that the focus remains on our developing athletes, Swim Alberta, together with the ATPC, is looking to expand upon the role of the ATPC and define three additional working groups that will allow for focused discussion, planning, and implementation initiatives concerning the themes of: 

  • ‘High’ Performance Swimming,
  • Performance Development Swimming, and
  • Competitions/Calendars. 

These working groups will be comprised of ATPC members with specific expertise as well as additional appointments made by Swim Alberta in consultation with the ATPC.  Swim Alberta would like to congratulate the following individuals who have accepted appointments onto the working groups:

Performance Swimming Alberta (PS-A)
David Johnson (CASC)
Michael Blondal (UCSC)
Paul Birmingham (EKSC)
Peter Schori (LASC)
Swim Alberta Staff Liaison and Chair:  Stephen Norris

Performance Development Working Group (PDWG)
ATPC Reps:  Dave MacDonald (UCSC) and Lucien Zucchi (RDCSC)
Alex Wallingford (EKSC)
Jordan Harper (AMAC)
Marc Tremblay (CASC)
Swim Alberta Staff Liaisons:  Stephen Norris and Jackie Cool (Chair)

Competitions Calendar Working Group (CCWG)
ATPC Reps:  Brad Mori (KSC) and Alex Dawson (GPP)
Chris Nelson (EKSC)
Jasen Pratt (CASC)
Carl Simonson (UCSC)
Randi Willisko (GLEN)
Roger Hanna (CP and Alberta Summer Swimming)
Ryan McDonald (PPAC)
Dave Loyola (NCSA)
Swim Alberta Staff Liaisons:  Stephen Norris and Kevin Dennis (Chair)

The ATPC, in its current structure will remain in place and continue to be comprised of both elected members from the coaching membership and appointment members by Swim Alberta.  The working committees will provide reports and updates on a regular basis to the ATPC to allow for a coordinated approach to all technical matters. 

Swim Alberta, with the support of our coaching community, continues to look to the future for Swimming in Alberta, ensuring that as a province we have the structure in place that is effective and collaborative, driving a bold and positive technical uplift to swimming, not just at the provincial level but reaching nationally and internationally. 

The three working groups will officially launch with start-up meetings the week of February 24th

For copies of the Terms of Reference for the three working groups, as well as more information on the ATPC, please refer to the Swim Alberta website:  https://swimalberta.ca/coaches/alberta-technical-program-committee/