My First Race

Swim Alberta recognizes that learn to swim programming is an important step to be water safe. Many of Swim Alberta's Swim Clubs offer learn to swim programming.

As an introduction to competitive swimming, Swim Alberta is offering the "My First Race" swim series. The swim series is an awards program for registered pre-competitive (non-competitive) swimmers who finish a specific event and distance. Optional online recognition is available for swimmers to see their names with other swimmers in the province.

My First Race Swim Series

The swim series consists of eight races, one race each month which will be recognized. Please see the submission link and ranking links below. All names are to be submitted by the swimmer's coach or club representative. Coach instructions are available at the bottom of this page.

New for 2019-2020 - “Dive Block Ready” and “Swim Test Finisher” stickers have been added to the My First Race Program.

My First Race - Online Recognition Schedule
Event Deadline
25 Kick Oct 15 Submitted    |    Final
25 Freestyle Nov 15 Submitted    |    Final
25 Backstroke Dec 15 Submitted    |    Final
50 Kick Feb 15 Submitted    |    Final
50 Freestyle Mar 15 Submitted    |    Final
50 Backstroke Apr 15 Submitted    |    Final
25 Breaststroke May 15 Submitted    |    Final
25 Butterfly Jun 15 Submitted    |    Final

Swimmers who participate will receive a certificate and a sticker for each race completed, swimmers who complete the full series will receive finisher award. Please contact your coach for details.

Coach Instructions

Names must be submitted prior to the deadline listed using the submission links below. Coaches or a club contact must track swimmers progress as well as request certificates, stickers and finisher awards.

Kick Events - Swimmers must have two hands on the board until the swimmer touches the wall.

Swim Events - Swimmers must follow the stroke rules for the start, stroke, turn and finish. If the swimmer is not comfortable diving from the blocks they may dive from the side or start from a push in the water.

Administrator Instructions

1 Order Certificates, Stickers and Series Completion Awards - Use pre-competitive (non-competitive) registration numbers

2 Tracking - Each club is responsible for tracking their own swimmers progress

3 Submit Results - Use the links below for each event prior to the deadline

Result Submission Links
25 Kick  |  25 Free  |  25 Back  | 50 Kick  |  50 Free  |  50 Back  |  25 Breast  |  25 Fly

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