Welcome Strathcona County Silver Rays

Val CarrNews

Since 2003 Sherwood Park has had two-year round clubs – the Silver Tide Swim Club and Sherwood Park Swim Club. For the first time in 17 years the two are now becoming one with the announcement of the Strathcona County Silver Rays.

The benefits for members of both former clubs will be exponential. “Combining the two swim clubs represents an opportunity to provide an enriched training environment for the athletes, while also creating efficiencies in pool costs, coaching costs and volunteer resources.” Tracey Cyca, President of the newly formed club expressed, “Greater combined numbers mean more opportunities for swimmers to work together to improve their training, participate in relay events and strengthen an atmosphere of team spirit.”

In early April the two clubs approached Swim Alberta around the feasibility of a club merger.  Swim Alberta provided support and guidance to the clubs to ensure a smooth transition to a single club for the start of the 2020-2021 season. “I commend and congratulate the leadership of both clubs in having the vision to come together to create a single club.” Cheryl Humphrey, Executive Director of Swim Alberta said “Not only does this provide a more enriched training and team environment for club athletes, it also provides for more effective and sustainable governance functions. This truly is an example of a swimming community success story.”

The two clubs were in discussion just before the Christmas Holidays last year about the merger and with the support of Swim Alberta launched into the process. “When people looked at the two clubs in Sherwood Park, they saw one was competitive and one was technical, and we saw [those] coming together.” Tammy Berry, former president of the Sherwood Park Swim Club explained. “We’ve now got one club in one community working together”

Spearheaded by a new head coach, the Strathcona County Silver Rays plan to be in the water this upcoming fall.